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THE LAST SUMMER is a film about the end of things, which takes place during a week of torrid heat in an old farm, today not very productive, and its beautiful and imposing central house, solidification of times of abundance that only belong to the past. A place that mirrors the current days of abandonment, mainly affective. The story is told through the eyes of two sisters, Francisca and Catarina, and a possible half-sister, Susana, daughter of Alma, the house’s old maid since forever. Three women marked by the heritage of patriarchal power, whose lives depend on what will happen to those lands.


Fernanda Polacow


João Nuno Pinto


Andreia Nunes


Kamil Plocki

Art Direction:

Isabel Branco


Lucha D’Orey

Sound Director:

Pedro Adamastor


Rosario Suárez 

Production Company:

Wonder Maria Filmes

Co-produced with:

Albolina Film (Italy)
Aurora Cine (Argentina)


Margarida Marinho
Beatriz Batarda
Rita Cabaço
Jorge Andrade
Luisa Ortigoso
Günther Götsch
Rita Redshoes
Filomena Gigante
Joana Bernardo
Carolina Monteiro
Rodrigo Fortuna
José Pimentão
Inês Castro Dias
Matilde Teixeira
Leonor Matos
Gonçalo Coré
Márcia Breia
Hugo Bentes
Inês Castro Dias
Matilde Teixeira
Leonor Matos

Director’s profile :

João Nuno Pinto is a Portuguese film director born in Mozambique, that lived in Portugal and Brazil, before establishing himself in Lisbon. Graduated in Graphic Arts, he started his career in design and art direction before crossing the Atlantic to study Cinema at the New York Film Academy and Directing Actors at the Judith Weston’s Studio in Los Angeles. Pinto’s filmmaking prowess has been recognized by his character-driven narratives, crafted with a keen cinematic sensibility. His latest feature film MOSQUITO, a First World War drama based in his grand-father story, set in Mozambique and produced by Paulo Branco, was the opening film of the International Film festival Rotterdam 2020 and won the Critics Award for Best International Film at the Mostra de São Paulo, in the same year. AMÉRICA, his first feature film, was premiered in 2010 at the Rio Festival, Brazil, and won Best Director at the Sofia Film Festival, among other awards. He made recently his television debut with the crime series NATURAL LAW for the Portuguese national television, RTP1, where he led the audience ratings for fiction programs on the channel and won the Sophia Award for Best National Series. THE LAST SUMMER is his third feature film. It is produced by Wonder Maria Filmes, a production company of which he is a founding partner


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